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PayWay Phone

PayWay is a simple, secure, internet-based solution to collect and manage customer payments.

About PayWay Phone

This page describes PayWay Phone.

PayWay Phone allows your customers to make credit card payments using a 1300 number.

You can use PayWay Phone for:

  • donations
  • invoice, statement or bill payments
  • rental and strata payments
  • stored value top-up.

PayWay Phone is suitable for credit card payments made against a reference number.


  • Customer service - phone payments by credit card are convenient and accessible for your customers
  • Corporate branding - your trading name professionally recorded by our voice artist
  • Ease of reconciliation - download settlement reports and receipts files listing payment reference numbers and amount paid.

How it works

  1. You complete an easy-to-use wizard to customise PayWay Phone and our voice artist records your customised prompts
  2. You include details of how to pay by phone on your invoice
  3. Your customers call a 1300 number and follow the prompts to make a credit card payment and receive a receipt number
  4. Payments are settled to your bank account and you receive a report of payments from the PayWay website.

PayWay Phone is available using either a PayWay 1300 number, or your own dedicated 1300 number.

PayWay 1300 number Your own 1300 number
For small to medium enterprises For corporations
We provide the 1300 number You setup a 1300 number with your telecommunications provider and direct it to PayWay Phone
Your customers call 1300 885 175 Your customers call your 1300 number
Your customers key your PayWay biller code to identify who they are paying Your customers are immediately greeted with your customised welcome prompt
Customise prompts for trading name and location of payment reference number Customise prompts for welcome message, trading name, location of payment reference number, customer service transfers and goodbye message
No call centre support Callers can be transferred to your call centre


Contact us to purchase PayWay Phone. You must apply for a merchant facility in order to process credit card payments.

To set up PayWay Phone:

  1. Sign in to PayWay
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click PayWay Phone
  4. Follow the wizard to configure your preferences
  5. Make a note of your biller code (or termination number)
  6. We will record your customised prompts and email you when they are ready
  7. Click Settings
  8. Click PayWay Phone then click Go Live to enable payments.
For inclusion in the monthly studio session, complete the wizard by 6pm Sydney time on the 20th of the month.

Setup phone wizard

Using the Setup Phone wizard you can configure:

  • The prompt stating the trading name of your company and brief description of what your customer is paying
  • The prompt instructing your customer where to locate the reference number (e.g. customer number, invoice number) you would like them to enter so that you can determine who has paid
  • The number of digits in your reference number
  • The check digit (if any) included in your reference number
  • The minimum and maximum amounts that your customers can pay
  • The percentage surcharge you wish to charge
  • The Merchant ID to use for phone payments (if you have more than one).

Your own 1300 number

If you have your own 1300 number, you can also configure:

  • The welcome prompt that callers hear at the start of the call
  • The goodbye prompt that callers hear at the end of the call
  • A customised prompt about your call centre
  • The free-call number for call centre transfers (optional).

To use your own dedicated 1300 number:

  • indicate you will use your own 1300 number when purchasing PayWay Phone
  • make note of the "termination number" in the Setup Phone wizard
  • purchase a 1300 number from your telecommunications provider
  • ask your provider to direct your 1300 number to your "termination number".

How to pay

You should update your invoice or statement with instructions on how to pay by phone.

PayWay 1300 number

To instruct your customers how to pay using the PayWay 1300 number include:

  • The PayWay phone number (1300 885 175) and a statement that credit card payments can be made by phone
  • Your PayWay biller code, which is the same on all invoices
  • A customer reference number (e.g. invoice number, policy number).
Your PayWay biller code can be found in the Setup Phone wizard.

Your own 1300 number

To instruct your customers how to pay using your own 1300 number include:

  • Your 1300 number and a statement that credit card payments can be made by phone
  • A customer reference number (e.g. invoice number, policy number).

Customer reference number

You can use any number that you are already printing on your invoices or statements, provided it is less than 20 digits in length. Letters cannot be used as they cannot be entered using a telephone keypad using IVR technology. Typically, your invoice or statement will already have a customer number, invoice number or policy number printed on it which you can use.

Your customer reference number will appear in PayWay transaction reporting to allow you to reconcile payments.


Your customers can pay using Mastercard®, Visa, UnionPay®, American Express®, Diners Club and JCB.

Customers must enter a card verification number (CVN, CVV and CVC) and payments are authorised in real time, reducing chargeback risk.


PayWay Phone payments are included in reporting along with payments received through other channels.

Receipts files

Receipts files contain a list of payments received, including the customer reference number entered at the time of payment.

PayWay can produce a variety of formats suitable for upload into accounting packages.

The PayWay Transaction Export is a CSV format listing all transactions.

To download receipts files:

  1. Click Daily Settlement in the Reports menu
  2. Choose the settlement date
  3. PayWay displays the total settlement amount and narrative
  4. Click Download Receipts File or Export All Payments for CSV format.

To search for payments received in the last 365 days:

  1. Click Search (or Search and Refund) in the Transactions menu
  2. Enter search details, such as customer reference number or credit card number
  3. Click Search.


We credit your settlement account on the same day for Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay payments processed before 6pm AEST.

If you choose to impose credit card surcharges, we will make a separate credit for the aggregate amount of surcharges collected for Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay.

Settlement for other card types depends on your arrangement with those schemes.

Contact us

For sales, help and technical support contact us.


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