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PayWay is a simple, secure, internet-based solution to collect and manage customer payments.

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About PayWay Match

PayWay Match automatically matches EFT payments you receive to your customer number.

You can use PayWay Match for:

PayWay Match is good for accepting large value payments, payments from corporations and from people who do not have a credit card.


How it Works

  1. Using PayWay, you open a Virtual Account for each of your customers
  2. You instruct your customers to use their unique virtual account when paying (e.g. on your invoice or by post or email)
  3. Incoming EFT payments are automatically matched to customer numbers
  4. You receive bulk settlement to your account and a receipts file detailing amount paid by each customer

Virtual Accounts

A virtual account is a BSB and account number used to accept EFT payments. Each of your customers uses a different virtual account. When a payment is sent to a virtual account, PayWay matches the payment to that customer. Your receipts file and settlement report includes the customer number for each payment.

Virtual accounts are managed using the PayWay website or REST API. To open a virtual account you add a customer who pays you by direct credit.

Opening In Bulk

To open virtual accounts in bulk:

  1. Click Bulk Add/Edit in Customers menu
  2. Follow the wizard and upload a spreadsheet listing all your customers
  3. PayWay will open a virtual account for each customer number in the file.

Opening for Single Customer

To open a virtual account for a single new customer:

  1. Click Add Customer in Customers menu
  2. Choose PayWay Match Direct Credit as how the customer will pay

To open a virtual account for a customer already in PayWay:

  1. Click Search and Edit in Customers menu
  2. Find the customer
  3. Go to the virtual account page
  4. Click Open virtual account

List of Virtual Accounts

For a list of virtual accounts:

  1. Click virtual accounts in View Reports menu
  2. Click Export or Print

Closing Accounts

To close a virtual account:

  1. Click Search and Edit in the Customers menu
  2. Find the customer
  3. Go to the virtual account page
  4. Click Close


To integrate your systems for straight through processing use the PayWay REST API. The REST API allows you to:


Customers can make EFT payments using internet banking or other services provided by their bank. Your customer’s bank may impose cut-off times and other restrictions.

Virtual accounts can be used as soon as they are opened.


PayWay Match payments are included in reporting along with payments received through other channels.

Receipts Files

Receipts files contain a list of payments received, including the customer number you used when opening the virtual account.

PayWay can produce a variety of formats suitable for upload into accounting packages.

The PayWay Transaction Export is a CSV format listing all transactions. This includes any reference sent with the payment.

To download receipts files:

  1. Click Daily Settlement in the Settlement Reports menu
  2. Choose the settlement date
  3. PayWay displays the total settlement amount and narrative
  4. Click Download Receipts File or Export All Payments for CSV format

To search for payments received in the last 220 days:

  1. Click Search (or Search and Refund) in the Transactions menu
  2. Enter search details, such as customer number or BSB and account number
  3. Click Search

Customer Payment History

To access a customer’s payment history:

  1. Click Search and Edit in the Customers menu
  2. Enter the customer number or customer name
  3. Click Search
  4. Choose Payment History and click Go

Payments from the last 220 days are listed.


We credit your settlement account on the banking day after we receive EFT payments.


Customer A pays $100 before cutoff at their bank on Monday. Customer B pays $200 before cutoff at their bank on Monday. These are shown in PayWay with a settlement date of Tuesday. You receive a single credit for $300 on Tuesday night and a report listing the two payments.

Multiple Settlement Accounts

PayWay Match allows for more than one settlement account.

To use more than one settlement account:

  1. Contact Us to add settlement accounts to your PayWay facility
  2. When you open each virtual account, select the settlement account to be used for that virtual account

You can also change the settlement account for existing virtual accounts using the PayWay website or PayWay REST API.

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