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PayWay Batch

PayWay is a simple, secure, internet-based solution to collect and manage customer payments.

Developer? Get a PayWay test facility to test your Batch files.

About PayWay Batch

This page describes PayWay Batch.

PayWay Batch allows you to process credit card payments in bulk by uploading a payment file. The payment file contains full credit card details, your transaction reference and the payment amount.

You can use PayWay Batch for:

  • recurring membership and subscription payments
  • invoice or bill payments where the customer agrees to be charged each month.
PayWay Batch requires you to be compliant with PCI-DSS SAQ D as your system must store and transmit credit card details.

Alternative module

To reduce your PCI-DSS compliance scope, you can instead store credit card details using the PayWay Recurring Billing and Customer Vault module. Payments can be processed by uploading a payment file containing customer number and amount.


  • Ease of integration - login and upload files, or use PayWay REST API for straight through processing
  • Fast - providing card details in bulk results in faster transaction processing
  • Improved cash flow - same-day settlement for Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay transactions processed by 6pm AEST.

How it works

  1. Your accounting system generates a payment file
  2. Using PayWay, you upload the file for processing
  3. When processing is complete, you download a transaction report
  4. You receive bulk settlement to your account for approved transactions.

File formats

You can process payments by uploading a file in one of these formats:

Each format has a corresponding transaction report file which you can download.

Uploading files

To fully automate payment file processing use the PayWay REST API.

To upload a payment file:

  1. Sign in to PayWay
  2. Click File Upload in the Transactions menu
  3. Choose your payment file and click Upload.

If you have selected dual authorisation, a different user must log in and authorise the file.

To setup dual authorisation, click PayWay Batch in the Settings menu.


We credit your settlement account on the same day for Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay payments processed before 6pm AEST.

If you choose to impose credit card surcharges, we will make a separate credit for the aggregate amount of surcharges collected for Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay.

Settlement for other card types depends on your arrangement with those schemes.


Test card numbers

Use the following credit card numbers with your test facility. All other card numbers will return 42 No universal account. An incorrect expiry date will return 54 Expired card.

The cardholder name does not matter.

Do not use in a live facility. Use only with merchantId of TEST.
Card Number Security Code Expiry Response
4564710000000004 847 02/29 08 Visa Credit Approved
4564030000000007 847 02/30 08 Visa Debit Approved
5163200000000008 070 08/30 08 Mastercard Credit Approved
5163610000000008 847 02/30 08 Mastercard Debit Approved
2221000000000009 009 01/30 08 Mastercard Approved
6226880000000000 453 11/25 08 UnionPay Approved
6226880000000018 453 11/25 05 UnionPay Declined
4564710000000012 963 02/25 54 Visa Expired
4564710000000020 234 05/30 51 Visa Low Funds ($10 credit limit)
5163200000000016 728 12/29 04 Mastercard Stolen
4564710000000046 123 06/25 08 Visa High Funds ($99,999,999.99 credit limit)
5163200000000040 321 09/25 08 MasterCard High Funds ($99,999,999.99 credit limit)
376000000000006 2349 06/30 08 American Express Approved
343400000000016 9023 01/29 62 American Express Declined
36430000000007 348 06/32 08 Diners Club Approved
36430000000015 988 08/31 43 Diners Club Stolen
3530000000000003 573 10/25 00 JCB Approved
3530000000000011 573 10/25 05 JCB Declined

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The information contained in this publication is provided for learning purposes only and is subject to change. Revisions may be issued from time to time that encompass changes or additions to this module.

This is a guide only and it is not comprehensive. It does not impinge on or overrule any formal arrangement you may enter into with the Bank. The Bank and its officers shall not have any liability for any losses of any kind incurred in connection with any action, inaction or decision taken in reliance on the information herein or for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions. In this publication references to the "Bank" are to Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 and to any of its operating Divisions, including BankSA and St.George.