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PayWay Additional Transaction Reporting

PayWay is a simple, secure, internet-based solution to collect and manage customer payments.

About Additional Transaction Reporting

PayWay Additional Transaction Reporting allows you to accept payments via:

  • BPAY®
  • Westpac Branch Payments
  • Remittance Processing Service (cheques).

You can use PayWay Additional Transaction Reporting for:

  • donations
  • invoice, statement and bill payments
  • strata payments
  • stored value top up.


  • Improved cash flow - payments before cutoff paid into your account on the same banking day
  • Make it easy for your customers to pay - accept payments via BPAY® and other convenient channels
  • Improved customer service - search customer payment history online
  • Simplify reconciliation - receive one receipts file across all channels.

How it works

  1. You print an invoice, statement, or other document with instructions on how to pay
  2. Your customer follows the instructions to make a payment online, in person or by mail
  3. You receive bulk settlement to your account, and a receipts file detailing amount paid and customer reference number.

PayWay can provide information on how to print in accordance with the requirements of the various payment channels. Your accounting software may already support this.


Customers make payments based on instructions you print on their invoice, statement, etc.

Payment Channel Notes
BPAY® Customers enter the BPAY biller code and reference number you printed on their invoice
Remittance Processing Service Customers mail a cheque or money order to a locked box opened in your name
Westpac Branch Payments Customers present a specially formatted slip in order to pay at the branch


PayWay Additional Transaction Reporting payments are included in reporting along with payments received through other channels.

Receipts files

Receipts files contain a list of payments received, including the customer number captured at the time of payment.

PayWay can produce a variety of formats suitable for upload into accounting packages.

The PayWay Transaction Export is a CSV format listing all transactions. This includes any reference sent with the payment.

To download receipts files:

  1. Click Daily Settlement in the Reports menu
  2. Choose the settlement date
  3. PayWay displays the total settlement amount and narrative
  4. Click Download Receipts File or Export All Payments for CSV format.

To search for payments received in the last 365 days:

  1. Click Search (or Search and Refund) in the Transactions menu
  2. Enter search details, such as customer number or BSB and account number
  3. Click Search.


Settlement is the process of paying you for transactions which have been processed.


We credit your settlement account on the same day for payments made before cutoff. Payments processed on non-banking days or after cutoff are settled on the next banking day.

Payments will appear on your bank statement with narrative DEPOSIT 99999, where 99999 is a number allocated by us.

Banking Days are Monday to Friday excluding national public holidays.

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The information contained in this publication is provided for learning purposes only and is subject to change. Revisions may be issued from time to time that encompass changes or additions to this module.

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