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PayWay CSV file format

The PayWay CSV file is a list of transactions that you can download from PayWay.

How to download

To download the PayWay CSV transaction file for a settlement day:

  1. Login to PayWay
  2. Click the Reports menu item then Daily Settlement
  3. Click "Export all Payments"

To download Weekly, Monthly or Yearly reports follow the steps above but click Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Settlement instead of Daily Settlement.

To download through the REST API:

GET /receipts-files/{yyyy-mm-dd}/csv-report

You must have the PayWay Connect module to download through the REST API.

For more information on the REST API download see receipt files.

File Format

The file is in Comma-Separated Value (CSV) format. Each line in the file represents one row of data. Each value on a line is separated by a comma. If a value contains a comma in the data, then the entire value is enclosed in quotation marks. For example

Q10000,"Comma, Client", 1234

Represents the following data

| Q10000 | Comma, Client | 1234 |

The first row is a header row containing the name of each column. All rows after the header row represent transactions in the report.

As additional features are added to PayWay, new columns may be added. You should consider this if you are building software to import this data.

This report will list both approved and declined credit card transactions for a given day. The settlement total for a merchant will be the sum of all approved transactions for that merchant on the settlement day. Pre-auth transactions are not included in this file.

This report can contain Direct Debit transactions where money is transferred directly from one account to another. Direct Debit transactions work differently from Credit Card transactions in that there is no immediate response to indicate whether the transaction worked. Instead, the transaction is assumed to have worked unless it is later declined by the customer's bank. The customer's bank can decline the transaction for up to 3 banking days after the transaction was processed. If a transaction is declined in this fashion, the funds will be removed from your account when the transaction is declined.

This transaction processing has implications for the report that you download. If you export the payments from the Settlement Report page, a Direct Debit transaction may appear in the report on two different days. For example, a transaction for $50.99 is processed on 29th of August and rejected by the customer's bank on the 31st of August. This transaction will appear in the settlement export on both these days. On the 29th of August, it will appear as a successful transaction with an amount of $50.99, and on the 31st of August, it will appear as a declined transaction with an amount of -$50.99. This behaviour allows you to see which transactions contributed to your settlement total on any given day.

The fields in this report format are shown in the table below.

Column Header Notes
A PayWayClientNumber Issued by us to uniquely identify your PayWay facility.
B MerchantId If a creditCard transaction, the merchant to be used for payment processing and settlement.
C CardPAN If a creditCard transaction, your customer's card scheme code followed by the masked card number. See Card scheme codes.
D CardCVN If a creditCard transaction and Card Verification Number (CVN) provided, this will be your customer's CVN. **** for Amex and *** for all other card types.
E CardExpiry If a creditCard transaction, YYYY-MM, your customer's credit card expiry date.
F CustomerBankAccount If a bankAccount, directCredit, bpay, australiaPost, westpacBranch or remittanceProcessingService transaction, the account your customer used. See Customer Bank Account.
G YourBankAccount If a bankAccount, directCredit, bpay, australiaPost, westpacBranch or remittanceProcessingService transaction, your settlement bank account.
H YourBankReference If a bankAccount, directCredit, bpay, australiaPost, westpacBranch or remittanceProcessingService transaction, the reference on your bank statement.
I TransactionSource The source of the transaction within PayWay. See Transaction Source.
J OrderType The type of transaction, see Order Types.
K PrincipalAmount The amount of the payment before any surcharge is added. Negative for a refund.
L SurchargeAmount Amount of surcharge. Negative for a refund.
M Amount Total amount of transaction. Principal amount plus surcharge. Negative for a refund.
N Currency AUD, the currency of the transaction that was performed.
O OrderNumber A reference number for this transaction, generated by you.
P CustomerReferenceNumber The reference number used to allocate this transaction to your customer.
Q CustomerName Name of business or individual.
R ECI If a creditCard transaction, the Electronic Commerce Indicator for this transaction, describing how the credit card details were obtained from the customer. See ECI.
S User If one of your users performed the transaction manually, the login name of that user.
T NoRetries If a Recurring Billing transaction, the number of times the transaction has been retried.
U OriginalOrderNumber If a refund or capture of pre-auth transaction, your unique customer order number for the original transaction.
V OriginalCustomerReferenceNumber If a refund or capture of pre-auth transaction, your customer reference number for the original transaction.
W SummaryCode A one digit code indicating whether the transaction was successful or not. 0 = Approved, 1 = Declined, 2 = Pending and 3 = Declined.
X ResponseCode A two digit code or text providing further information to the SummaryCode. For a list of common response codes see credit card response codes and direct debit response codes.
Y ResponseText Description of the Response Code.
Z ReceiptNumber Receipt number to display to customers.
AA SettlementDate YYYYMMDD, the day on which this transaction was considered to have been processed.
AB CardSchemeName If a creditCard transaction, the credit card scheme used to process this transaction. See Card Schemes.
AC CreditGroup If a creditCard transaction, the settlement group in which funds will be credited to your account. See Card Schemes.
AD TransactionDateTime DD-MM-YYYY HH:MI, date and time (AEST, Sydney time) when transaction processing was initiated.
AE Status Approved, Approved*, Declined, Voided or Suspended. See transaction status.
AF AuthorisationId If a creditCard pre-auth transaction, this is the authorisation id returned by the bank that issued the credit card.
AG FileName If file upload transaction, name of the file uploaded.
AH BPAY Ref If customer paying by BPAY®, this is the reference number used by the customer for the transaction.
AI BPAY Ref for Excel Formatted BPAY Ref for Excel.
AJ YourSurchargeAccount If surcharges are settled separately, the account number for your surcharge settlement account.
AK Custom Field 1 If your facility has custom fields, this field will be given the name of your first custom field.
AL Custom Field 2 As above, for the second custom field.
AM Custom Field 3 As above, for the third custom field.
AN Custom Field 4 As above, for the fourth custom field.
AO CustomerPayPalAccount If a PayPal transaction, your customer's PayPal account email address
AP YouPayPalAccount If a PayPal transaction, your PayPal account email address
AQ ParentTransactionReceiptNumber If a refund, the receipt number of the original transaction. If a capture of a pre-auth, the receipt number of the pre-auth. If a capture of a transaction suspended by Fraud Guard, the receipt number of the suspended transaction.
AR CustomerBankReference If a directCredit transaction, the reference entered by the customer when sending payment.
AS CustomerIpAddress IP address your customer used to connect and process the transaction (if applicable). See customer IP address.
AT FraudResult Outcome of Fraud Guard checks. See fraud result.
AU CustomerIpCountry If suspended because of the country the customer connected from, the two character code of that country.
AV CardCountry If suspended because of the country of the bank which issued the credit card, the two character code of that country.
AW RemitterName If a directCredit transaction, your customer's bank account name.
AX WalletType If customer paying by digital wallet, the type of digital wallet used.
AY PanType If a creditCard transaction, FPAN if a full card number was provided, DPAN if a digital card number was provided.
AZ MerchantRoutingResult If a creditCard transaction, OK if this transaction was routed to eftpos. If it was not, a short descriptive reason why.
As additional features are added to PayWay, new columns may be added. You should consider this if you are building software to import this data.

Customer bank account

Transaction method Customer bank account value
Bank Account Your customer's bank account
Direct Credit Your customer's virtual account
BPAY BPAY or BPAY (your customer's bank), e.g. BPAY CBA, BPAY ANZ
Australia Post Australia Post, Australia Post Cash or Australia Post Cheque
Westpac Branch Branch Payment
Remittance Processing Service Remittance Processing Service

Transaction source

Transaction source Module / Payment Channel
ADHOC_CC PayWay Virtual Terminal Credit Card
BATCH PayWay Batch Credit Card
BRANCH_PAYMENT Westpac Branch Payment
CREDIT_CARD_API PayWay Classic Credit Card API
NET PayWay Net (hosted payment page or trusted frame)
PHONE PayWay Phone
RECURRING PayWay Recurring Billing and Customer Vault
REMITTANCE_PROCESSING_SERVICE PayWay Additional Transaction Reporting

Order types

Order type Description
Account Verification Checks if a customer's credit card is valid
Refund Repayment of a transaction to your customer
Pre-Auth Reserves money on your customer's credit card
Capture Debits funds from your customer or debits the reserved money of a Pre-Auth

Electronic Commerce Indicator

ECI Value Description
MTO MOTO (Mail Order or Telephone Order) Transaction
SSL Channel Encrypted Transaction (SSL or other)
REC Recurring payment
IVR Interactive Voice Response Transaction

Card schemes

Card scheme code Card scheme name Credit group

Fraud result

Fraud result Meaning
OK Payment was not unusual.
SKIP Fraud Guard was skipped for this payment.
VELCTY Many payments using the same credit card were made in a short period of time.
LRGAMT Payment is unusually large.
HRSKIP Customer connected from a high-risk country (e.g. Nigeria). See CustomerIpCountry.
ANPRXY Customer connected using an anonymous or suspicious proxy.
BLCKIP Customer connected from a country where you do not do business. See CustomerIpCountry.
BLKBIN The bank which issued the credit card is not in a country where you do business.
BINMIP Customer is in a different country to the bank which issued the credit card. See CustomerIpCountry and CardCountry.
ERROR Contact Technical Support.

Example file

PayWayClientNumber,MerchantId,CardPAN,CardCVN,CardExpiry,CustomerBankAccount,YourBankAccount,YourBankReference,TransactionSource,OrderType,PrincipalAmount,SurchargeAmount,Amount,Currency,OrderNumber,CustomerReferenceNumber,CustomerName,ECI,User,NoRetries,OriginalOrderNumber,OriginalCustomerReferenceNumber,SummaryCode,ResponseCode,ResponseText,ReceiptNumber,SettlementDate,CardSchemeName,CreditGroup,TransactionDateTime,Status,AuthorisationId,FileName,BPAY Ref,BPAY Ref for Excel,YourSurchargeAccount,Custom Field 1,Custom Field 2,Custom Field 3,Custom Field 4,CustomerPayPalAccount,YourPayPalAccount,ParentTransactionReceiptNumber,CustomerBankReference,CustomerIpAddress,FraudResult,CustomerIpCountry,CardCountry
Q10000,5559999,MC 535316...198,***,2019-05,,,,NET,Capture,138,0,138,AUD,,18829/2,Aaron Aardvark,SSL,,0,,,0,08,Honour with identification,1396867339,20140804,MASTERCARD,VI/BC/MC,04-08-2014 18:01,Approved,,,,"=""""",,,,,,,,,,,,,
Q10000,5559999,VI 450949...443,,2016-05,,,,RECURRING,Capture,3000,0,3000,AUD,,28571,Barry Buffalo,REC,WALTER,,,0,08,Honour with identification,1397151652,20140804,VISA,VI/BC/MC,04-08-2014 11:28,Approved,,,,"=""""",,,,,,,,,,,,,
Q10000,5559999,MC 516310...260,***,2016-03,,333-030 555552289,PAYWAY1392902001,ADHOC_CC,Capture,32036.62,0,32036.62,AUD,,CRAIG,Craig Cat,MTO,WALTER,,,,0,08,Honour with identification,1392677455,20140804,MASTERCARD,VI/BC/MC,04-08-2014 10:29,Approved,,,,"=""""",,,,,,,,,,,,,
Q10000,55538066,VI 472437...335,***,2016-08,,,,NET,Capture,314.91,1.57,316.48,AUD,,00667071,Dianna Duck,SSL,,0,,,0,08,Honour with identification,1396873542,20140804,VISA,VI/BC/MC,04-08-2014 18:17,Approved,,,,"=""""",,,,,,,,,,,,,
Q10000,55538066,MC 552350...485,***,2014-09,,,,PHONE,Capture,2579.53,12.9,2592.43,AUD,,00306456,,IVR,,0,,,0,08,Honour with identification,1396883537,20140804,MASTERCARD,VI/BC/MC,04-08-2014 19:00,Approved,,,,"=""""",,,,,,,,,,,,,
Q10000,55538066,VI 472437...416,,2015-12,,,,CREDIT_CARD_API,Capture,2420,0,2420,AUD,135654,,,REC,,0,,,1,05,Do not honour,759699632,20140804,VISA,VI/BC/MC,04-08-2014 19:43,Declined,,,,"=""""",,,,,,,,,,,,,
Q10000,55538066,MC 558321...607,,2015-04,,,,CREDIT_CARD_API,Capture,1210,0,1210,AUD,135655,,,MTO,,0,,,1,51,Not sufficient funds,759699758,20140804,MASTERCARD,VI/BC/MC,04-08-2014 19:44,Declined,,,,"=""""",,,,,,,,,,,,,
Q10000,55538066,MC 537196...002,,2016-03,,,,CREDIT_CARD_API,Capture,2057,0,2057,AUD,135656,,,MTO,,0,,,1,04,Pick-up card,759710643,20140804,MASTERCARD,VI/BC/MC,04-08-2014 22:14,Declined,,,,"=""""",,,,,,,,,,,,,
Q10000,,,,,BPAY STG,112-879 555570503,Deposit 00719,BPAY,Capture,780,0,780,AUD,,115,Erica & Ernie Erickson,,,0,,,0,Success,Approved or completed successfully,31887596,20140804,,,04-08-2014 00:00,Approved,,,10000000001151,"=""10000000001151""",,ELIZA,,,,,,,,,,,
Q10000,,,,,BPAY CBA,112-879 555570503,Deposit 00719,BPAY,Capture,395,0,395,AUD,,483,Faaiq Fadhil,,,0,,,0,Success,Approved or completed successfully,144322163,20140804,,,04-08-2014 00:00,Approved,,,10000000004833,"=""10000000004833""",,FRANK,,,,,,,,,,,
Q10000,,,,,Australia Post Cash,112-879 555570503,Deposit 00719,AUSTRALIA_POST,Capture,450,0,450,AUD,,519,G Graham,,,0,,,0,Success,Approved or completed successfully,247572/03/62397,20140804,,,04-08-2014 00:00,Approved,,,10000000005194,"=""10000000005194""",,GRAHAM,,,,,,,,,,,
Q10000,,,,,062-801 55558942,112-879 555570503,PAYWAY1396096450,RECURRING,Capture,-390,-1,-391,AUD,,468,Harry Houlin,,,,,,1,6,Refer to Customer,1394724897,20140804,,,02-08-2014 04:31,Declined,,,10000000004684,"=""10000000004684""",112-879 555549261,HOOLI,,,,,,,,,,,
Q10000,,,,,062-800 55557724,112-879 555570503,PAYWAY1396368243,RECURRING,Capture,390,1,391,AUD,,1042,"I India, G & T Ingleburn",,,,,,0,Success,Approved or completed successfully,1396368246,20140804,,,04-08-2014 03:02,Approved*,,,10000000010426,"=""10000000010426""",112-879 555549261,1042,,,,,,,,,,,
Q10000,55538066,MC 535316...784,***,2015-04,,,,ADHOC_CC,Refund,-200,0,-200,AUD,,12081049,J JACKSON,MTO,WALTER,,Web-INV-1144247,,0,08,Honour with identification,1396567151,20140804,MASTERCARD,VI/BC/MC,04-08-2014 10:02,Approved,,,,"=""""",,,,,,,,759080538,,,,,

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