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PayWay is a simple, secure, internet-based solution to collect and manage customer payments. It supports a wide range of payment channels. No matter the size or type of business, PayWay has payment options that can substantially help you better manage your cash flow.

PDF file  PayWay Overview

PayWay Recurring Billing and Customer Vault

  • Automatic payment collection from your customer's credit card or bank account
  • Reporting available on failed payments, expiring credit cards and final payment due dates
  • Automatic retry of failed payments

PDF file  PayWay Recurring Billing and Customer Vault Overview

PayWay Match

  • Accept payments by direct credit or pay anyone
  • PayWay matches every payment to the customer who paid
  • You receive a single aggregate settlement to your bank account
  • Customer number for each payment is included in a receipts file for upload into your accounting/ERP software

PayWay Payment Cards

  • PayWay Payment Cards are branded with your business's logo, displays payment instructions and are ready to distribute to your customers
  • Choose the payment options to suit your business including BPAY®, Australia Post*, Direct Debit and Credit Cards
  • Card ordering is through a simple online process

       *Subject to Australia Post approval

PDF file  PayWay Payment Cards Overview

PayWay Phone

  • Uses Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology to automatically accept credit card payments from your customers
  • Voice prompts can be customised with your trading name
  • St.George hosted 1300 number or your own 1300 number can be used

PDF file  PayWay Phone Overview

PayWay Net

  • St.George hosted website for collection of payments by credit card
  • Customised with your trading name and logo and to suit the existing layout of your invoice or statement
  • Accepts your customer reference number for easy reconciliation

PDF file  PayWay Net Overview

PayWay Virtual Terminal

  • Process eCommerce / Telephone and Mail Orders
  • Your call centre or sales staff can collect credit card payments using a web page or a mobile-optimised browser on a smart phone
  • Multiple staff can access the system simultaneously

PDF file  PayWay Virtual Terminal Overview

PayWay API

  • The Application Programmer Interface (API) allows you to integrate credit card transactions into your call centre system, website or any other application software that you manage
  • Multiple merchants may be set up within one facility
  • Ability to download a payments file detailing transactions that can be reconciled with your back-end system

PDF file  PayWay API Overview

PayWay Batch

  • Accepts multiple credit card payments stored within your system by sending through a single file for processing
  • Supports many standard file formats
  • Single or dual file authorisation capability

PDF file  PayWay Batch Overview

PayWay Connect

  • Automatically download a receipts file listing payments received
  • Save time by importing payments into your accounting system

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